Love facials, or haven’t yet had one?

Join us for a fun evening of Facial Mask with Chai and Lassi. Join us for only $25!! Learn your skin type based on dosha. And Learn to identify your skin type and how to take care of it. This is a self-procured treatment you don’t want to miss! Be the witch to your own brew! What do I mean? You will choose a base from various high quality oils, clay and gels. Customize your mask even more by choosing between different luxurious herbal extracts, powders, essential oils and anti-oxidants. Ask for help and get your mask suited to your Dosha type with advice from our in house Doctor of Natural Medicine who is specialized in Ayurveda. These customized masks can remove impurities, help fight a

Are You Suffering From the #1 Cause of Worldwide Disability?

Are you suffering from back or neck pain? You're definitely not alone! A series of studies emerging from a massive collaboration between the #World #Health #Organization, the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation, the #University of #Queensland School of Population Health, Harvard School of Public Health, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, and the University of Tokyo, Imperial College London, clarifies the worldwide health burden of musculoskeletal conditions, particularly back and neck pain. Low back pain was identified as the number-one cause of disability worldwide. The findings emphasize the shift that lower back pain has a tremendous burden of disease compared to a

Do you, or does someone you know suffer from Back pain?

Back pain is one of the most common health complaints with 80 percent of Canadians experiencing problems at some point in their lives. Back pain is also one of the most researched health topics and rather than rely on hearsay about the causes and most effective treatments for back pain, I am here to share some myths and facts with you on back pain so that you are better equipped for a healthier back! Back Facts Your back is an amazing part of your body! It allows you to stand and supports your arms and legs. It also protects your spinal cord, which sends messages between your brain and the rest of your body. A sedentary lifestyle, as well as injuries, arthritic changes and aging can all lead

TEAL Introduces Highly Experienced Chiropractor Dr. Omar Pervez

Only C$29 for a chiropractic consultation, exam, one treatment (C$110 value) TEAL Wellness Clinic's Doctor of Chiropractic Omar Pervez relies on his proficiency in spinal health, ergonomics, postural rehabilitation, and gait analysis to help clients live pain-free lives. His knowledge and extended multi-continent experience empowers to pinpoint the root causes of pain and determine treatments that can help clients maintain a healthy nervous system. His spinal adjustments and therapies may alleviate back stiffness, headaches and migraines, carpal-tunnel-syndrome pain. Come and experience a fresh look at your current or chronic chiropractic issues and let Dr. Pervez manage those effectively. C

FREE Infrared Sauna with ANY Massage Therapy

TEAL (#WellnessClinic ) #Ottawa is offering FREE 15-20 minute #Infrared #Hot #Sauna with all message therapies.This is a $20-25 regular value service. This is our "thank" to all of our loyal and new customers; a very #cozy and #warm #winter #gift when harsh #cold #weather has been keeping you down. Learn more about #Infrared #Sauna and its benefits, at our web site See you soon! #TEALOttawa

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