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Consult with our Herbal Practitioner

  • Family Herbalist

  • Ayurvedic Therapist

  • Certified Nutritionist 

Welcome to the power herbal healing. TEAL is proud to have Seema Kudesia, as a herbalist on board.

Seema Kudesia Herbal Practitioner draws on a world of experience in her practice, specializing in herbal healing.

Her multidisciplinary suite of skills and knowledge allows Seema Herbal Practitioner the flexibility to select the optimal approach to return her clients to wellness, whether they are suffering from various symptoms. Seema Kudesia seeks to bring balance to the body’s systems when they are misaligned. Imbalances can show up in many forms. She draws on her unique background and extensive experience in assessment and providing a herbal healing solution. In addition to using her finely honed technical skills, Seema is guided by a philosophy of helping others and has an unrelenting determination to see her clients reclaim their well-being.

Through her own extensive research, Seema Kudesia , The Herbal Practitioner has developed many of proven herbal healing solutions. She keeps abreast of new developments, and where to locate the best herbal solution. From her many years of study and research, Seema is skilled at developing alternative herbal solutions to help general wellness of her clients. She is highly accomplished in compounding and transforming herbal ingredients into herbal teas, powdered herbs, syrups and oils.


Based on a detailed consultation, and assessment of the potential root causes, Seema will develop a unique healing plan for you.

The objective, through this re-balancing approach, is to help you return to full health. 

F e e s


Initial Consultation

60-90 minutes


Follow-up Visit

30-45 minutes


To book your appointment with Seema Kudesia (Herbal Practitioner) or if you have any question regarding well-being, please contact us by phone 613-745-3418 or email at:

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