Herbal Body Treatments

Black Baltic Body Mud


We wrap you in the finest black Baltic mud Europe has to offer and let the magical mix of minerals, vitamins and pure goodness work wonders on your skin. Close your eyes and relax in the warm soothing wrap while your skin undergoes a deep cleaning, cell turnover and rejuvenation, nourishment and protection. Walk out of the Ottawa clinic feeling fresher and firmer!

Rosemary Mint Back Soother



We’ve got your back! Let the sweet smell of mint and calming rosemary tantalize your senses as we work the impurities out of your neglected side. Mint juice soothes and calms the skin and aids in strengthening it. Rosemary tones and firms the skin and has disinfectant and antibiotic properties - great for treating acne, dermatitis and eczema.

Warm Herbal Body Glow


This exclusive body wrap to our Ottawa clinic is a natural and organic mixture of rice and herbs. The rice acts as an exfoliate and removes dead skin cells, making way for the herb mixture to get in deep and moisturize your skin. As if the scent and feel of the herbs penetrating isn’t enough, we wrap your body in a thermal blanket so that you heat up and absorb even more of our skin-nourishing herb blend. You will leave glowing from neck to toe.

Coffee and Sun Scrub


Have fresh sun-kissed skin all year round! We scrub your body with a special blend of soothing natural yogurt and stimulating coffee. Coffee naturally polishes the dead skin away and enhances and prolongs your fading summer tan. The yogurt soothes and relieves your skin, leaving it feeling fresh, tight and moisturized for a winning rejuvenating combo.

Tropical Paradise Scrub


Close your eyes and dream of never-ending beaches as we gently clean and scrub your skin with real coconut. We use freshly shredded young coconut, rich in nutrients but gentle enough for sensitive skin. Coconut leaves your skin smooth to the touch and helps retain moisture to protect you from the reality of the harsh, dry, Canadian climate.

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