The body, mind and soul are all connected in one way or another. Ayurveda embraces this concept in its administration as a means of ensuring balance and harmony of the three pillars to improve on health.

Kalp Ayurvedic Facial
1 hour

Put your best face forward. This is a common saying. It goes to insinuate that our faces are the first thing to be noticed by others. Likewise, they are the first body part that comes into contact with all other environmental factors. As such, the skin on the face gets dehydrated and polluted to say the very least.


One of the best ways to nurture your face is by undergoing an Ayurevedic facial treatment at our Ottawa wellness clinic. Using our elite range of natural, vegan, nontoxic and hand-blended recipe, KALP facial is a uniquely customized experience for your skin type, adding techniques designed to take you to new depths of relaxation. KALP Ayurevedic facial help your skin breathe, renew skin cells, eliminate toxins and impurities, improve circulation and induce a state of relaxation. During the facemask, your hands and feet will be gently massaged

Be a witness of this luxurious experience, balanced and radiant glow. Your treatment is complimented with a Marma Therapy for scalp, neck and shoulders. 

Ingredient used (depends on the skin type and condition): Turmeric, Green Tea, Triphala, Ginger, Neem, Tulsi, cardamom, Rose, Vitaver, Arjula bark, Sandalwood bark powder, Mango bark Power, Orange peel, Lavender, kewara, avocado oil, and Jasmine.

Kalp Abhayanga

(Ayurveda Massage)

1 Hours - $95
30 min - $65

Before you go in for the Ayurveda massage, you will be taken through an ‘introductory’ massage known as the Abhayanga massage which is meant to bring a healthy balance to your body’s constitution. Abhayanga massage is a short massage session lasting about one hour and performed in two postures; half an hour while lying on your back and the other half on your stomach. This massage enlists the services of two or more therapists to work on your body simultaneously.

How Abhayanga is performed


Abhayanga uses long downward strokes accompanied by the exertion of light pressure onto specific points of the body referred to as marma sthala. The pressure releases Prana energy into the body which induces self-healing in the system. The pressure also serves to squeeze out body toxins from deeper tissues so that they can be expelled from the body.

Abhayanga massage uses warmed natural oils mixed with herbs which alleviate tension, moisturize and rejuvenate body tissues. The oils are picked based on the client’s needs and body type. Some of the common oils and herbs used include: sesame oil, coconut oil, neem, almond oil, sunflower oil and amla to name but a few. A few of these herbs and oils such as neem, ajwon oil, peppermint oil and lemon grass oil provide additional medicinal benefits like tissue regeneration and disease prevention to the Abhayanga massage.


Abhayanga massage is known for the following major benefits:


  • Improving blood circulation

  • Detoxification of the body

  • Strengthens the lymphatic system

  • Relaxation and toning of body muscles

  • Rejuvenates the body and most importantly the skin

  • Improving sleep for anyone suffering from Insomnia


Abhayanga by TEAL in Ottawa is meant to infuse positive energy into your body which is great for your physical and mental health. The oils used will also revitalize your skin’s vital functions so that it can look fantastic as well as optimally heal or prevent certain diseases. 

Kalp Marma (Head) Therapy
15 min

Harmonize your body, mind and senses and experience instant calm and rejuvenation with this ancient Indian shirodhara treatment. Lay back and let us wrap your head and neck in warm towels while gentle botanical water drips over your forehead. The fragrant liquid flows in a rhythmic stream falls into your forehead and rivers around your head nourishing your hair and scalp. Find deep peace and let your tension melt away with every drop.

Kalp Full Body Ubtan
1 Hours

Ubtan is a very influential lymphatic system intoxicant that is used in variety of body treatments; an aid in the detoxification process. The Ubtan (a herbal paste) is a mixture of fine herbs, spices, grains and selective essential oils.

Ubtan, when initially applied over the body, the nature of herbs and spices is induced in the deeper tissues of the body, which eliminates stiffness and blockages. 

Thereafter, massaging on the body with herbal Dosha Oils, it creates the friction that helps open up the skin pores, enhance metabolism and dissolving fat tissues. Ubtan; due to its enriched ingredients, is highly advantageous for toning body muscles, reducing cellulite from the body and stimulating weight loss. 

Finally, 15 minutes of steam sauna will relive all your muscle tension and make you feel rejuvenated and re-energized. 

Kalp Shirodhara
1 Hour

Harmonize your body, mind and senses and experience instant calm and rejuvenation with this ancient Indian Shirodhara treatment at the heart of Ottawa city. Lay back and let us wrap your head and neck in warm towels while gentle botanical oils or milk streams over your forehead. The fragrant liquid rhythmically flows onto your forehead and rivers around your head nourishing your hair and scalp.

Find deep mental peace and let your tension melt away. Shirodara is known to relax the nervous system enabling more life energy, oxygen and nutrients to flow more freely to the brain. This increases your ability to handle stress, improves your mood, alertness and memory, and gives you a calm body and mind.

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