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Ottawa Mu-Xing Therapy at TEAL. The only Mu-Xing therapy in the central and eastern Canada and authorized training center.
Mu-Xing Therapy Tools, TEAL Ottawa
Mu-Xing Therapy Tools 

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Mu-Xing Therapy

For Maximum Body Relief

What is Mu-Xing Therapy?


Mu-Xing is a type of body treatment that entails the use of tools made from bamboo and rosewood to perform a deep tissue massage. The wooden tools are warmed up before using them on the client. Generally, Mu-Xing therapy is a holistic deep tissue massage.


Why Mu-Xing?


Different types of natural treatments are tailored for different problems. Therefore, if one wanted to address more than one problem, they may have to undergo different natural treatments. Mu-Xing therapy on the other hand offers a different approach to this scenario by covering a variety of health bases. This makes Mu-Xing therapy massage your best shot. It is a holistic treatment that not only deals with soft tissue but also works on the deep tissue.


How Mu-Xing therapy is performed?


Mu-Xing uses wooden tools to perform a wide variety of massage techniques. Each of the tools has different characteristics from the others in terms of size and shape thus having a different effect when used on a client. When warmed up, the Mu-Xing therapy tools transfer heat to the body during a massage session. This heat is quite useful in relieving the tension in the muscles. In turn, the therapist is able to gain access to the deep tissues with ease. Mu-Xing therapy massage is performed on a massage table where the therapist uses the warm wooden tools on a client.


Benefits of Mu-Xing therapy


As a unique type of massage, Mu-Xing therapy has a wide range of benefits:

  • It ensures maximum relaxation since both soft and deep tissue muscles are attended to.

  • Due to the warmth from the Mu-Xing tools, this massage is capable of reducing instances of muscle contractions.

  • Its holistic nature helps in correcting improper body postures.


Mu-Xing therapy versus other types of massage

Although Mu-Xing is a type of massage, it stands out from the rest in two major ways. First and foremost, Mu-Xing is a deep tissue massage unlike many types of massages which mainly concentrate on the soft tissue. Second, where many massage therapists use their hands to knead, squeeze and stroke the body, Mu-Xing uses a set of unique tools. The warm Mu-Xing tools are either rolled over the skin or pressed against the body.


Mu-Xing therapy has a number of benefits that are not experienced while undergoing other forms of massage. Being a deep tissue massage therapy, Mu-Xing not only treats stress and tension on soft tissue, it also offers relief to deep tissue where other massage types would not. Moreover, unlike most massages which pay attention to specific parts of the body, Mu-Xing therapy is a holistic treatment that is performed on the entire body. The use of warm tools makes it easier for the therapist to administer the massage and the heat serves to relieve tension in the muscles. This makes the massage less tedious and less intrusive. There are some cases where a client may feel sore after a deep tissue massage. These types of incidents are greatly reduced with the Mu-Xing therapy massage.


Mu-Xing at TEAL


TEAL is the only one place offering Mu-Xing therapy in the Ottawa region. TEAL is also the only authorized Mu-Xing training center in Canada. Our extraordinary performance can be attributed to the well trained staff that ensures the clients get quality services. Our personnel will attend to you with great skill which ensures that you will experience soothing relief. We go to great lengths to make sure that our Mu-Xing therapy tools are 100% natural.

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