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​Doctor of Chiropractic

Dr. Mateo Lino
BSc (Hons), DC

Dr Mateo LIno.jpg

Introducing Dr. Mateo Lino, BSc (Hons), DC

Dr. Lino is a graduate from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College (CMCC) and a prior graduate from York University in Toronto, with a Specialized Honours Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology & Health Science. Dr. Lino is committed to delivering the highest quality of care to help each member of the community achieve their most optimal health and maximize their performance via a hands-on, drugless, natural approach.

Dr. Lino provides safe, gentle and effective Chiropractic adjustments to the spine and joints throughout the body. This allows the body and nervous system be at their most optimal states. He provides a combination of therapies from spinal and extremity adjusting, joint and spinal mobilizations, soft tissue and instrument-assisted techniques, rehabilitative and functional exercise prescription, nutritional counselling, orthotic fitting along with gait analysis, and other therapies as needed. He values each patient’s individual needs, while delivering the most appropriate, personalized, and individualistic care.

In the past, Dr. Lino has worked with special populations such as hip and knee arthroplasties, acquired brain injury patients, pre- and post-partum patients, infants and children, athletes, and geriatric patients. In Toronto, he worked as a CMCC tutor and as a Personal Trainer, while studying to become a Chiropractor, providing one-on-one and small organized group sessions. He was also involved with Toronto Rehab Institute’s Musculoskeletal and Acquired Brain Injury units helping individuals recover from very invasive and life-altering procedures. He’s also been a volunteer coach with the Ontario Special Olympics’ North York Jets Track & Field Club, and tutored adults through their high-school equivalency at the West Neighbourhood House.

During his last year at CMCC, Dr. Lino interned at St. Michael’s Hospital providing Chiropractic Care to patients with chronic pain, interned at CMCC’s Campus Clinic caring for students and athletes overcoming injuries and barriers to their performance, and interned at the Aptus Treatment Centre delivering Chiropractic Care to adults with neurodevelopmental disabilities.

Dr. Lino is GLA:D Canada (Good Life with oseto-Arthritis in Denmark) Certified, providing group-based exercise and educational sessions with individuals suffering of knee and hip osteoarthritis and are attempting to avoid joint-replacement surgery. He is also a Medical Therapist for the Ontario Soccer Association and on his spare time enjoys running, playing soccer, training for Marathons, and spending time with his newborn daughter, loving wife, and very playful puppy.

Dr. Lino has had plenty of experience working with families, young children, babies and infants, adults, athletes, and seniors, and would like to care for every member of our community. He provides patient-centred Chiropractic care in a safe and welcoming environment. Dr. Lino’s mission is to optimize the health and performance of every member in our community through natural Chiropractic Care.

He looks forward to meeting and helping you through your health journey.

Mateo's clinical services include:

  • A specialized solution focused exam to address individual health concerns and needs

  • Safe and effective low force modern chiropractic techniques

  • Corrective specific exercises

  • Nutritional advice

  • Goal oriented care with consistent re-examinations and progress report cards

  • Weekend appointments


Contact us today or visit our chiropractic treatment Ottawa clinic to find out how Dr Lino can help you find solutions and effectively help treat;

  • Back Pain

  • Neck Pain

  • Headaches

  • Sciatica

  • Disc Issues

  • Numbness or tingling in the the arms/hands, legs/feet

  • Scoliosis

  • Hip Pain

  • Elbow, Knee, and Ankle Issues

  • Sports Injuries

  • Muscle Soreness Upper back stress and pain (common from long term computer use)

  • Posture improvement

  • Overall Health and lifestyle improvement strategies

F e e s

(HST exempted)


Chiropractic Care Adult



Chiropractic Care Child/Senior/Student



Initial Examination & Treatment


Foot orthotics Initial Examination $45

Custom orthotics

$450 & up

Chiropractic Care Package of 10 treatments

Direct billing to most of the extended health insurance providers!

Click here and send us pre-filled PDF in advance to pre-determine your insurance coverage.

Please note that Chiropractic services in Ontario are exempted from HST (tax) and are covered by most of the extended health insurance providers. Please check with your insurance provider prior to the claiming treatment.



About our Chiropractic Care Services

We know that a person with really good posture displays great confidence, standing tall, erect and proud. A person with poor posture gives off the opposite vibrations. The importance of posture to emotional and physical health has been overlooked too long.

Poor posture leads to headaches, neck and back pain. The sole focus of our Ottawa chiropractic adjustment and care services in poor posture is in your spine because it houses the nervous system that carries vital communications between your brain and your body. True health is when your body works as it was designed.


Feeling Great?


Most people think that how they feel is an indication of how healthy they are. It’s not true!

Let’s say you knowingly eat some spoiled food. Later you get stomach cramps and vomit. You certainly do not feel well, but thankfully your body is functioning correctly. Imagine the tragic consequences of taking a drug to calm your stomach, retaining the toxic food!


Functioning Great!


Your brain, spinal cord and all of your nerves control and regulate your body. Every cell, tissue, organ and system (even your immune system) takes orders from your nervous system.

Thus, true health is how well your nervous system is functioning the workings of your body. That’s why vertebral subluxations are so serious! Compromised brain-to-body and body-to-brain communications can be the underlying cause of a variety of health problems.

Many people with a spinal problem discover that other health problems resolve with chiropractic therapy and care. Patients often report that as care progresses, they notice other positive changes in their health.

Could Chiropractic Help You?


The nervous system controls and regulates every cell in your body. When our nervous system doesn’t work right, you don’t work right. And when you don’t work right, you’re sick, achy and sore! Simple as that!

Nerve compromise can result from postural distortions that are easily revealed with a few simple tests. At our Ottawa clinic, we’ve simplified the tests so that you can conduct them at home with a minimal amount of time, equipment and training. Naturally, they aren’t a substitution for professional evaluation by chiropractic therapists in Ottawa.


Maintenance and Prevention


If you’ve had chiropractic therapy care elsewhere, you already know the value of ongoing chiropractic treatment Ottawa. I’d be honored to be your chiropractic therapist in Ottawa.


Stay Well


We experience life through our nervous system. Those who want to optimize their health, be all that they can be and perform at their best, contact TEAL or visit our Ottawa clinic. Our chiropractic therapists in Ottawa offer something very unique and gentle which is harder to find elsewhere. Call today ate (613) 745-3418 to book your appointment.

Chiropractic care is covered by most medical insurance providers in Ottawa. Please check with your insurance provider. TEAL provides receipt for all chiropractic treatments Ottawa which can be submitted to your insurance provider for the reimbursement of partial or full amount that you paid.

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