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Holistic Facials

TEAL | The Happy Herbal | Ottawa
The Happy Herbal



Put your best face forward for your special event with our empowering herbal facial. We use a combination of local organic herbs to stimulate, detoxify, and nourish your skin. You choose how you divide your time between your favourite services – cleaning, extracting, exfoliating, toning and massaging. Then we bring you back to your roots with an awakening herbal mask and eye treatment created just for your skin. If you’re looking for a glorious, relaxing and aromatic facial, our Happy Herbal is for you.


TEAL | Bring the Glow Back | Ottawa
Bring the Glow Back!


A hybrid facial. Combination of microdermabrasion and complete facial ritual. Look and feel fresher with this classic facial treatment that detoxifies, tones and revitalizes tired, stressed skin. Whether you are stuck in school, the office, or out braving the elements, our Bring the Glow Back facial will hydrate and polish your skin and leave you feeling like a star.


Using essential oils and products from the earth, this treatment includes deep cleansing, toning, dead skin cell removal, a soothing mask and a light shoulder massage.

It’s not just a rejuvenating hour-long treatment; it’s an investment in your long-term skin care. Go with the glow!

The Goddess



TEAL | The Godess | Ottawa

Indulge yourself in pure luxury with a facial mask made of real 24-karat gold flakes! We offer you this latest trend in facials that dates back to the time when Cleopatra used the precious metal to maintain her famous youthful, radiant skin. Experts praise gold for slowing down collagen depletion and the breakdown of elastin, stimulating cellular growth, and reducing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, sun damage and age spots.


Our Goddess facial pampers your skin in ways you didn’t think possible. Get in touch with your inner Goddess and strut away with tighter, radiant, more youthful skin.

TEAL | The Acne Buster Facial | Ottawa
The Acne Buster



Bring your stressed, sore face to our skilled estheticians and leave with a clean, soothed and visibly clearer complexion. We deep clean and remove pore blockages, bacteria and blackheads that cause pimples and blemishes. Give your face a break with one of our cool masks, steam treatments or facial massages - depending on the severity of your acne. After soothing your face back to health, we help strengthen your skin with hydrating moisturizers.


All products are carefully selected to ensure they don’t aggravate your skin. Leave feeling soothed and more confident with our Acne Buster facial.

TEAL | Fountain of Youth | Ottawa
Fountain of Youth



For those who swear by the glycolic acid peel to improve and smooth the texture of their skin this is for you! Formulated from sugar cane, glycolic acid creates a mild exfoliating action that loosens and peels off the old outer skin layer, revealing the fresher younger looking layer underneath.


Tailored to your skin type and sensitivity, our glycolic acid peel also stimulates circulation to the skin and in doing so, increases elastin and collagen production -leaving your skin smooth and supple.

TEAL | Freshly Squeezed | Ottawa
Freshly Squeezed



Nothing feels more pure and refreshing than having your blemishes extracted, and your face cleaned, massaged and exfoliated with fresh organic fruit! Treat your skin to a splash of youth and an instant glow using nature’s best cleansers, exfoliates, toners and masks made out of juices and pulp. Each natural mixture is freshly prepared and customized to your skin’s needs.


Awaken your senses as you breathe in the freshness of fruit and essential oils, and let us massage your troubles away.


TEAL | AHA Kojic Peel | Ottawa
AHA Kojic Peel



TEAL | Lighten Up Facial | Ottawa
Lighten Up



Kojic Acid is a powerful skin-brightening agent naturally derived from an array of organic materials (particularly fungus during the fermentation of sake). It is widely advocated as a healthier alternative to harsh bleaching agents, like Hydroquinone, which can ultimately wreak havoc on the skin’s delicate pigmentation process.


This deep peel can be used to effectively treat hyper pigmentation, acne and additional skin concerns. This AHA Kojic Acid deep strength peel reacts with the epidermis as well as the most superficial layers of the dermis. It can be used to effectively treat hyper pigmentation, acne and additional skin concerns without substantial or prolonged downtime.

Nobody’s perfect! And neither is your skin! Specially created for brown skin that has a skin tone identity crisis! First we clean your face and then even out your skin tone with our unique, natural mask that will even lighten up dark hairs. We finish up with a deep moisturizer to protect your face from the elements. Get even with dark spots and hairs and Lighten Up.

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