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Ottawa Waxing Hair Removal at TEAL

Women & Men of today are so much looks and appearance conscious that they spend much of their time shaving and then moisturizing so that their legs and underarms become as smooth as possible. However, most of them do not realize that sometimes shaving can be destructive to the moisture and it can spoil the consistency of their skin. To avoid this, it becomes important to find alternatives to remove hair that will not damage the skin as badly.


A hair removal waxing is one of the great ways to remove hair for a longer period of time and that too without any texture and moisture related complications. It will make your skin twice as smooth because waxing pulls the hair out by the root instead of truncating it at the surface of the skin.


Cost-wise, hair removal waxing is usually an affordable solution and can be done on the legs, underarms, bikini, arms, back or chest. Larger the area you wax, more expensive it becomes. However, you will love the way your skin feels after the procedure. Many women in Ottawa are opting for this procedure instead of razors because they realize that for the money, it is a more effective procedure than any razor.


TEAL offers only limited waxing procedures for men. Please contact us or visit our Ottawa offices for details.

P r i c e s


Eyebrow Shaping

Upper lips



Full face


Abdomen Full

Abdomen (Half)

Half Arms

Full Arms


Half  Legs

Full Legs

Bikini Line

Brazilian Bikini

Upper Legs



Full Arms with Underarms

Full Body (Face excluded)







$30 and up









$45 and up


$40 and up




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