TEAL Introduces Highly Experienced Chiropractor Dr. Omar Pervez

Chiropractor at TEAL Dr Omar Pervez

Only C$29 for a chiropractic consultation, exam, one treatment (C$110 value)

TEAL Wellness Clinic's Doctor of Chiropractic Omar Pervez relies on his proficiency in spinal health, ergonomics, postural rehabilitation, and gait analysis to help clients live pain-free lives. His knowledge and extended multi-continent experience empowers to pinpoint the root causes of pain and determine treatments that can help clients maintain a healthy nervous system. His spinal adjustments and therapies may alleviate back stiffness, headaches and migraines, carpal-tunnel-syndrome pain.

Come and experience a fresh look at your current or chronic chiropractic issues and let Dr. Pervez manage those effectively. Consult FREE with Dr. Parvez who will setup your treatment plan and will bring you back in shape in a short period of time.

Simply call us to book your initial examination, consultation and treatment with Dr. Pervez.

Packages include the following:

  • Consultation

  • Exam with posture assessment

  • One adjustment

  • Follow-up health report

Read more about Dr. Pervez at http://www.tealwellness.com/chiropractic

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