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Love facials, or haven’t yet had one?

Join us for a fun evening of Facial Mask with Chai and Lassi.

Join us for only $25!!

Learn your skin type based on dosha.

And Learn to identify your skin type and how to take care of it.

This is a self-procured treatment you don’t want to miss!

Be the witch to your own brew!

What do I mean? You will choose a base from various high quality oils, clay and gels.

Customize your mask even more by choosing between different luxurious herbal extracts, powders, essential oils and anti-oxidants. Ask for help and get your mask suited to your Dosha type with advice from our in house Doctor of Natural Medicine who is specialized in Ayurveda.

These customized masks can remove impurities, help fight acne, reduce blackheads, aid dry skin, support your skin’s natural elasticity stay strong, and much more depending on how you formulate your ingredients!

Take home the remaining of your already made mask to enjoy later!

That’s not all!

You can also sit back and enjoy a hot tea or cold Indian Mango Lassi, and relax during a short infrared sauna session which cleanses your body system and leaving it clean and refreshed for spring.

Bring your cozy foot ware and housecoat and we will do the rest by treating you at your best.

Catering to only women 18+ Featuring 20% off all Kalp products on this day!

Don’t miss this unique and fun event that you will definitely enjoy and benefit from greatly!

To sign up please come in and pay at TEAL, or click here to purchase your ticket online.

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