Untold Facts about Eyebrow Threading in Ottawa

In Canada, eyebrow threading is not done any much differently from other parts of the world. There are many similarities with very few disparities. Ottawa, the country’s capital city has a huge number of people seeking facial uplifts like eyebrow threading. Majority of those are women who are highly conscious about their beauty. There are few men who seek eyebrow threading Ottawa services so it’s across board. The biggest dilemma is that for those people seeking to thread their eyebrows, they are rarely told the truths about the service. Some are just given an assurance that they will look good in it and they go ahead to do threading. However, you need to know what you are getting into espec

Kalp Facial Mask Event - Thank You

We at Teal want to say THANK-YOU to those who were able to join us last Saturday for the "fun evening of facial mask with tea and lassi" event and want to share how it went with those who could not make it. Take a look out our set-up before the event started! Our team members helped with the application and removal of the mask, we had a calming meditation room for those who wanted to enjoy a time of peace while they waited for their mask to dry and not forgetting the wonderful snacks that were available as well! Did you miss this event? Don't worry, keep an eye on facebook page or like it if you haven't already or sign up with your e-mail onhttp://www.tealwellness.com/ to receive newsletters

Physical Inactivity Leads to Chronic Pain

Here's one more reason to exercise: #Physical inactivity contributes to #chronic #musculo-skeletal #pain, which affects the muscles, #ligaments, #tendons and #bones. People with chronic conditions such as #back pain, #arthritis, or #neck pain #suffer daily through pain, #fatigue, and even #depression, and more people are falling #victim every day. In fact, some experts have characterized the increasing prevalence of #musculoskeletal #conditions as an #epidemic. According to a recent, a connection exists between physical inactivity and chronic musculoskeletal complaints. The researchers found, "In this large-scale #population-based study, physical #exercise was associated with lower prevalenc

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