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Wellness Clinic TEAL (Ottawa) Introduces Yoga Classes

Yoga classes now at TEAL, Ottawa

PRLog - April 26, 2015 - OTTAWA, Ontario -- TEAL (Ottawa, ON Canada) is proud to introduce Yoga classes. "This really a valuable add-on to our wellness services suite and to have energized and perfectly fit Caroline Brousseau on board as our Yoga teacher”, says clinical Director Seema Kudesia. Caroline Brousseau (Yoga teacher) will now be practicing at TEAL (Ottawa) as a Yoga teacher. Yin, Yin-Yang, Hatha, Yoga-Dance, spreading her “self-acceptance” message with diverse populations across diverse settings. Caroline gives numerous options to express each yoga move so that every single client can leave the room feeling completely accomplished. “Yoga combines the art of mindfulness, breathing and physical movements. Regular participation can bring you not just a sense of uprising mentally, but noticeable physical benefits as well. Practicing yoga everyday can help you sleep better, increase your energy levels, tone your muscles, bring you relief from muscle pain, get rid of stiffness and improve of your blood circulation. One of the first things you will notice is that you are breathing better! Once you start breathing better, your heart rate and blood pressure will go down.” Read more at TEAL currently offers the following style of yoga: · Uplifting Hatha Flow: A strong cardiovascular workout with little rest between postures · Yin Yang for a Healthy Balance: · Yin Yang for a Healthy Balance: energizing and soothing of the mind, stretching and strengthening the body · Therapeutic Yin: a slow-paced, deep stretching class that enhances flexibility and joint mobility · Hatha for the Body & Soul: Practice mindfulness, the ups and downs of your breath and internal reactions of the body and mind TEAL now offers various Yoga classes in a very flexible early morning and late evening schedule in private and low ratio group setup. Try out TEAL’s yoga for ½ price starting May 3rd, 2015. For complete information about our yoga classes, schedule and about Caroline Brousseau, please visit

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