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Safe Laser Hair Removal Treatment

Laser hair removal has become a benchmark for permanent hair reduction. If done by an experienced surgeon in a professional environment, this procedure is a safe and effective procedure with few if any side effects. However, if in the wrong hands, it can be painful and may not work and produce the desired results. Hence it is essential that the procedure is performed by fully experienced and qualified laser therapists.

During this procedure, a laser emits a high energy beam of light. This light is then absorbed by the hair follicle. This damages the follicle and slows down the speed of hair-growth over a period of time. The melanin in hair follicle attracts these laser beams. More the melanin in your hair follicle more effective the procedure for you.

There are different types of machines that produce beams of energy at varying wavelengths. For removing hair, you will need a wavelength that is easily absorbed by melanin. A person with dark hair and light skin complexion is the best match for this procedure. However, for the people with dark skin, the procedure might not be as effective. For such skin, more refined lasers are required to ensure that there is no harmful effect on overall skin.

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