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TEAL Ottawa Launches Bamboo Wood Massage, Mu-Xing Therapy

Ottawa ON, (PRWEB) May 22, 2013

TEAL Wellness, a holistic spa and wellness clinic, is now offering the unique bamboo wood massage treatment, Mu-Xing Therapy. TEAL is only one of two venues in Canada offering this exclusive service.

For individuals who suffer from muscular pain and posture is sues, TEAL Ottawa is now offering clients Mu-Xing Therapy, which is a unique wood-based massage therapy that incorporates heated rosewood and bamboo massage tools.Acting as hands, Mu-Xing Therapy tools are specially crafted to deliver a full body, deep tissue massage to help melt muscular tension while allowing the therapist to work deeper. A massage therapist will use various size tools to apply massage strokes, helping to increase patients’ circulation and alleviate ischemic tissue disorders. The process also helps patients reach a deep level of relaxation to decrease stress levels and other bodily tension.“This energy-based therapy is among the most relaxing forms of massage available,” says TEAL clinical director and certified Mu-Xing practitioner Seema Kudesia.

There are two types of wood used in this treatment: rosewood and bamboo. Rosewood is individually hand carved and selected specifically for Mu-Xing techniques. The bamboo TEAL uses in this treatment is 100 percent natural and does not use any varnish or finishes. The bamboo pieces are finely sanded before the treatment, making the experience nothing short of therapeutic and relaxing. “Wood is an important element of nature that allows energy to flow efficiently,” explains Seema. ”Each tool removes tension from tissues, and the ability to penetrate deeper helps provide relief to the client that the therapist’s hands alone sometimes cannot achieve.”Mu-Xing Therapy is ideal for individuals of all ages that suffer from severe muscle pain or other related issues. The deep tissue massage will increase relaxation, reduce trigger point formation, decrease muscular contraction, all while helping to restore proper posture.Individuals interested in the wood massage treatment can book an appointment with TEAL Ottawa for 30 minutes, 45 minutes or one hour ($65-$110).

Spa-goers can visit for more information or should call (613) 745-3418.

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