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Thai Yogic Massage

Thai Yogic Massage performed at TEAL, Ottawa

Practice of the Thai Yoga massage is known to have started in India during a period known as the Buddhism era. This was approximately 2500 years ago. The founder Jivaka Kumarbhaccha relocated to Thailand from India and thus the procedure was called Thai Yoga. It was quickly adopted in Thailand and the larger South East Asia by the monks who practiced Buddhism. The theory behind Thai Yoga massage is derived from the Indian Ayurveda Science where the body is believed to have invisible energy flowing through it.


How does Thai Yoga massage work?


Unlike many of the other types of massages which are solely performed by the therapist, the Thai Yoga massage is based on co-operation between the therapist and the client. While performing this type of massage therapy, the therapist will direct the client on the necessary yoga postures. This is done in line with the body’s energy lines, by applying pressure on specific points, using the thumbs and the palms. In turn, this relieves the muscles of any stress leaving you energized. This massage improves blood circulation within the body and strengthens the immune system.


Benefits of Thai Yoga massage


Thai Yoga massage relieves the body of anxiety, stress, problems related to sleep, headaches and respiratory conditions. It also assists the client to release bottled up energy.


Thai Yoga massage at TEAL


For the most effective Thai Yoga massages, be sure to visit a TEAL Wellness centre. At TEAL, we not only provide a highly conducive environment, our well trained personnel will attend to you to make sure you get the relief you desire. Although there is no designated attire while performing this massage, it is important to wear something comfortable. Thai Yoga massage is performed on the floor with a cushioned mat to act as a buffer and provide comfort. By visiting TEAL for your Thai Yoga massage, is a first step in the right direction towards relaxing and re-energizing your body.


P r i c e s


30 min - $60


60 min - $90


90 min - $120


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