Infrared / Steam Sauna

If you work hard on a regular basis and carry a lot of tension all over your body, it will be important to get rid of some of it by visiting a great spa with a variety of services to get you feeling better than ever before. Muscle tensions can be relieved to a great extent by relaxing in an Infrared or Steam Sauna.

In the Ottawa area alone you can find plenty of different places where you can go for these services but at TEAL you get several other services under one roof such as massage and variety of skin and body treatments. Simply come, relax and enjoy all wellness services in one very claiming environment.

TEAL offers awesome package deals on Infrared and Steam Sauna. Why not try it! 

Prior booking is recommended.

P r i c e s

Infrared Sauna 
Steam Sauna

One Session
[15 minutes]

Package of 4 Sessions
[15 minutes each]