Steam Sauna

What is Steam Sauna?


It is not unusual to have body aches and pains. It is also not unusual to find yourself feeling overworked and stressed out. Instead of going for medication consider a more natural approach. Steam saunas are one of the best ways in which you can get your body to relax. Steam saunas are maintained at high temperatures of above 70o C. These temperatures are high due to the fact that the air within the sauna is used as the medium of heat. The heat within the sauna enables the body to relax and relieves it of any joint or muscle aches.


Benefits of Steam Sauna


There are many benefits attributed to the use of steam saunas. The most common of benefits may include:

  • The high temperature within a steam sauna creates an uninhabitable environment for numerous bacteria. As a result, the bacteria are prevented from spreading thus leading to reduced infection and contamination.

  • Using a steam sauna increases the body’s immunity. The high temperature not only stimulates the production of the white blood cells, it also increases the rate at which they are produced. This creates a stronger immune system.

  • Steam saunas also increase blood circulation by increasing the size of the blood vessels. Dilated blood vessels lead to a reduction of blood pressure which is good for someone suffering from high blood pressure.

  • Steam saunas assist in detoxifying the body. The high temperature increases the body’s rate of metabolism, thus allowing it to expel toxins more effectively.

  • The steam in the sauna cleanses the skin pores of any impurities. This in turn leads to a reduction in pimple formation as well as blackheads.

  • A steam sauna induces relaxation of both the muscles and the joints thus relieving the body of aches and pains.

  • Steams saunas can also be used to stimulate weight loss. 


There are a variety of circumstances under which indulging in a steam sauna is not advisable. Such circumstances include pregnancy, any health conditions affecting the blood, hypertension, any sweating problems and cardiovascular conditions just to name but a few. Steam saunas have also been known to cause dehydration especially when the body is exposed to high temperatures over a long period of time.

P r i c e s


Single Session

15 minutes



Package of 4 Sessions

15 minutes each


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