Therapeutic Massage

What is Therapeutic Massage?


We are all faced with aches and pains at some point in time. Many times we seek medical services which can be expensive and sometimes ineffective. This also exposes us to numerous medications that could cause more harm than benefit. What if there was a way to address these problems in a more natural way? At TEAL, we provide Therapeutic massage to take away the body aches and pains without harmful substances.


Therapeutic massage emphasizes on relieving aches and pains from the muscles and joints which could be causing discomfort to the patient. The main goal is to achieve pain relief and relaxation. Therapeutic massage is not limited to addressing aches and pains. It can also be used as a natural treatment for a wide variety of conditions. Although, Therapeutic massage is considered a holistic massage, clients can request  for the massage to be concentrated on specific parts of the body. In most cases, this happens when the client has a specific problem that needs to be addressed.


How is Therapeutic massage performed?


Similar to other forms of massages, Therapeutic massage is performed on a massage table. The therapist uses hands on manipulation of the body's muscles and joints and using natural oils. 


Benefits of Therapeutic massage


Massages are well known for their relaxing features. However, Therapeutic massage has a different twist. Other than the obvious relaxation it offers to the body and mind, Therapeutic massage delivers a wide range of benefits:


  • Individuals with wounds can undergo Therapeutic massage for the purpose of treatment as well as speedy healing.

  • Therapeutic massage increases the flexibility of muscles within the body.

  • Therapeutic massage can be used to improve blood circulation leading to improved circulation of oxygen as well as nutrients throughout the body.

  • Arthritis can be managed and treated using Therapeutic massage, which in this case acts as an anti-inflammatory treatment.

  • Therapeutic massage is known to lower blood pressure. This is as a result of lowering the heart rate as well as the stress levels.

  • Therapeutic massage helps to boost the body’s immune system.


Therapeutic Massage at TEAL


If you decide to go the natural route then definitely you would prefer going to a reputable institution for quality services. Here is where TEAL comes in. TEAL offers only the best Therapeutic massage at very favorable rates. To ensure you have a memorable experience, we provide the services of well trained professional personnel. Therapeutic massage at TEAL will rejuvenate your body and leave you feeling relaxed not only mentally but physically as well.

P r i c e s


30 min - $55


45 min - $75


60 min - $85

75 min - $110

90 min - $135

120 min - $180




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