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Suffering from a chronic disease, chronic syndromes, and degenerative disease, mechanical injuries, MVAS and sport injuries such as Thyroid, Migraine, Poly-cystic Ovarian, Haemorrhoids / Piles etc.?

Consult with our Naturopathic Practitioner

  • Family Herbalist

  • Ayurvedic Therapist

  • Certified Nutritionist 

Welcome to the world of Natural Medicine. TEAL is proud to have Seema Kudesia, Naturopathic Practitioner on board.

Seema Kudesia Naturopathic Practitioner draws on a world of experience in her practice, specializing in natural medicine.


Her multidisciplinary suite of skills and knowledge allows Seema Naturopathic Practitioner the flexibility to select the optimal approach to return her patients to wellness, whether they are suffering from acute or chronic diseases or syndromes, degenerative diseases or mechanical injures. Seema Kudesia Naturopathic Practitioner seeks to bring balance to the body’s systems when they are misaligned. Imbalances can show up in many forms, for example as diabetes, hypertension, bursitis, Parkinson’s disease or anemia, to name a few. He draws on her unique background and extensive experience in diagnosis, including assessment, prevention and treatment. In addition to using her finely honed technical skills, Seem is guided by a philosophy of helping others and has an unrelenting determination to see her patients reclaim their health.

Through her own extensive research, Seema Kudesia Naturopathic Practitioner has developed many of proven medicinal formulations. She keeps abreast of new developments, and where to locate the best natural products. From her many years of research, Seema Kudesia is skilled at formulating and developing alternative medicines to treat chronic diseases and general health problems. She is highly accomplished in compounding and transforming natural ingredients into herbal teas, powdered herbs, syrups and oils.

Whether locally or from another continent, Seema Kudesia Naturopathic Practitioner sources the ideal products to create effective remedies. In this way, he brings the world’s store of natural healing agents directly to the patient at an affordable cost. As a licensed, registered and certified practitioner, Seema Kudesia's knowledge of natural medicine is based on centuries of practice, as well as on modern scientific understanding and accomplishments. All products he uses are developed in compliance with good manufacturing practices (GMP) i.e. Canada’s production and testing standards that are mandatory for ensuring product quality. GMPs make sure proper standards are met for the testing, manufacture, storage, handling and distribution of natural health products are met. More information is available in the Good Manufacturing Practices Guidance Document.




Based on a detailed consultation, and diagnosis of the potential causes, Seema will develop a unique treatment plan for you. It will consist of a mix of naturally sourced products, as well as recommendations in diet and lifestyle adjustments, as required. Who you are, your life experiences and your individuality are all taken into consideration in determining the treatment protocol. 


The objective, through this re-balancing approach, is to help you return to full health. After one month, you will return to see Seema Kudesia Naturopathic Practitioner to provide your feedback, to check that the treatment is working, and to make any adjustments that may be required. She can provide you with an estimate of the healing period required, based on your compliance with your plan and normal conditions.

F e e s


Initial Consultation

60-90 minutes


Follow-up Visit

30-45 minutes


To book your appointment with Seema Kudesia (Naturopathic Practitioner) or if you have any question regarding Natural Medicine, please contact us by phone 613-745-3418 or email at:





Alternative medicine is a system of healing in which medicinal plants and natural protocols are used in the prevention or treatment of acute and chronic diseases, and in the maintenance of optimum health and well-being. It is the original medicine of all peoples. Even today, alternative medicine is the primary healing method for much of the world’s population.




Herbalists practise according to a holistic philosophy of healing. This means the entirety of the person, their life experiences, and their individuality are all taken into consideration in planning a treatment protocol. There is no “one size fits all”. Similar symptoms may have many and entirely different causes; each person, and how they react, is unique. Your Registered Herbalist is trained to assess these factors. The underlying causes are identified, and appropriate botanical formulas are carefully crafted to meet the individual’s need. The results are effective and take into account the multiple aspects of the condition.




Your licensed / Registered / Certified Practitioner‘s knowledge of this medicine comes from the proof obtained from centuries of practice, integrated with modern scientific understanding and accomplishments. Harvested, prepared and compounded in accordance with time-tested, traditional principles, alternative medicine is a powerful healing agent, often achieving startlingly positive results.




Herbal medicine is a safe and effective healing modality for everyone. People of all ages, from infants to the very elderly, obtain benefit from herbs. Those already receiving medical care may also be helped, and are given treatments that do not adversely interact with their regular medication.




Many people do not have a clear understanding of how natural medicine differs from other complementary and alternative herbalists. While the latter practitioners use natural healing methods that may include herbs, the Doctor of Natural Medicine is a specialist in the use of medicinal plants and their therapeutic qualities.The focus of the Doctor of Natural medicine on imbalance or illness using herbs. Herbalism is humanity’s oldest healing tradition. The Registered Herbalist has a deep understanding of the medicine that each herb offers, and has spent many years studying the intricacies and artistry of plant synergy and formulating. Therefore the herbalist knows how best to combine plants for maximum efficacy, and will ensure that their herbs are of the highest quality and safety. They are also familiar with the possible interactions between herbs and pharmaceutical medication.




Any substance ingested into the body can cause side effects, even food as observed in the increasing incidence of food allergies. Our Doctor of Natural Medicine  has up-to-date information on herbal medicine and its interactions. Discuss with our naturotherapist any specific concerns or questions regarding natural medicine interactions, and make sure you report any unusual reactions immediately.Purchasing herbal supplements from a reliable manufacturer also ensures that the doses are consistent, helping you to monitor and measure the success of the herbal medication more easily.


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